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    Brain Stimulator
    Brain and Head Injuries Question
    continue to rest as she has been for four months?
    Care for spouse who has concussion
    Brain and Head Injuries Question
    Get fast recovery from brain injury
    i feel a bump on my head but it doesnt hurt or anything it doesn
    mild tbi diagnosis ..spect vs pet?
    unable to concentrate,think clearly and fail to memorize .
    Brain injury and weed for pain relief
    Can MRI miss anything life threatening?
    axonal brain injury
    6 months after head injury / headaches
    6 months after head injury / headaches
    6 mos post injury, thyroid's out if control, sugar is 300
    fell forward and now i have a dent in my forehead
    third Concussion in 15 year old,, vomiting 14 hrs
    Sharp head pains: Concussion, TMJ, or something worse?
    he has a penal cyst while in the hospital he felt a"pop".
    Damage after hypoxia
    TBI - slept 3 days straight, see letters, couldn't read
    Mild Concussion Question
    I think I have a severe concussion
    I think I have a severe concussion
    Very afraid. my head hurts still!
    Student, seizures, migraines, meds, surgery, scared
    16 yo, head pressure becomes extreme & vision becomes blurry
    Brain Injury, Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Precautions
    goose egg on head
    Japanese Encephalitis
    Hitting head weeks after concussion?
    Permanent brain damage from binge drinking?
    Lyme's Disease? result of many concussions/head wounds?
    ADD from clinical death? is this brain damage?
    pressure on the occipital bone, Soreness that doesn't pass.
    Orgasming After Concussion
    pins and needles with burning skin feel, since injury
    Skull Growth After TBI
    very difficult for me to express myself and talk,speak
    Reshin Medical-Finer display image
    Head pain, my mom get accident.back side of head injured.
    fell and hit my head 2 days ago. There is a dent
    mother had a big headache and a neck pain, in Coma
    Did I have a mini stroke? age 26 T.B.I
    Musical obsessions
    hit my head against a concrete wall, started puking
    i need help for brain MRI report
    Pressure in the head, constant pressure
    Pressure in the head, constant pressure
    bumps on both sides of my skull, had carie malformation
    hit several times in the head, stuttering, worsening
    URGENT, unknown brain disease possible tumor or ASL-MRI included
    Brain and Head Injuries Question
    hit my temple 8 days ago, major swelling, pain worsening
    long-term after effects of an untreated concussion?
    can't control part of his face, eye, mouth
    Dizzy, anxiety and panic attack
    A Bruise on forehead which won't go away
    4" dent in my head, MRI, CT scan out of my finances
    Does my wife have long term effects from multiple TBIs?
    Questions about Concussion
    Abnormal enlarged and shrunken physical feeling of hands and hea
    Abnormal enlarged and shrunken physical feeling of hands and hea
    they said i have post concussion syndrome.
    small bump has becme large and smooth
    Brain and Head Injuries Question
    Brain and Head Injuries Question
    burning sensation and I am a little light headed.
    Had forwheeler wreck.
    forwheeler wreck. I feel like I'm in my own world
    sensitive to sound, clicking in neck and brain, I feel like I'm
    to reduce swelling dr removed a portion of skull
    Head injury, frequent headaches where the indentation is.
    lipoma, I have all the same symptoms y'all have
    Could a concussion cause a CRP of 20?
    low set ears, slim face and a really big head
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    Effect of low heart rate post suicide attempt
    Effect of low heart rate post suicide attempt
    sudden Intracranial Pressure on skull and brain
    intracranial pressure, can't concentrate on task.
    Post concussion syndrome not worse with exercise