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        Red spots around thighs
        Itching after bathing
        seborrheic dermatitis
        spots on head face back
        pink skin patch
        Breakouts on face and chest
        severe dry skin cause loose skin ?
        Red patch on penis head
        internal bumps on pelvic area
        oily skin
        Possibility of a soft skin tumor
        Pimple between thigh and pelvis
        White spot on stomach
        Bump on eye
        Itchy rash that spreads slowly daily
        Pigmented nevi near anus
        Itchy rash that spreads slowly daily
        Lip scar from biting skin off of my lip?
        bump or lump in buttocks
        A large bump causing a lot of pain
        swollen hands & feet combined w/itchy rash
        swollen & itchy hands and palms
        skin and back sensitivity
        Acne - like blemish medication
        face and neck rashes
        Itchy, irritable skin
        pimples solution
        Itchy bumpy scaly rash on face
        itching, tingling, stinging, burning in upper r arm
        Pimple? Or cancer?
        Milk allergy on skin ?
        pityriasis rosea
        Random red dots and itchyness. Hives?
        Skin lumps and treatment options
        red skin marks and treatments
        Painless bump on back
        Itching on clitoris
        Salty skin
        Itchy mole on neck
        difference b/w facial cleanser wash and facial scrub
        Red hands
        Dark patches on forehead
        White bump on face
        peeling feet and fingers
        dark spots like moles raised all over body
        a boil that wont go away!
        My skin is taking my confidence away!
        itchy boobs
        peeling skin on abdomen and breast
        Swollen & Itchy body
        Get rid of ingrown hairs?
        Swollen & Itchy body for a week or two
        Bumps on hands under skin
        Vitamin deficiency cause skin darkening ?
        Long term rash ?
        lump on neck
        skin sensation
        red raised spotty rash
        Jock itch, or something else?
        New black mole
        Itchy bump on hand
        Cholinergic urticaria
        Patches on skin spreading
        red bump on scrutum skin
        Possible skin boil on ankle
        Actinic keratoses ?
        Melasma / chloasma
        white pimples on scrotum
        Pimples and Bumps on Testicals
        Red skin and bumps between eyebrows
        Acne treatment and hyper pigmentation
        pubic bumps
        Pale brown blotches on skin
        Recurring bumps on fingers
        Red bump between eyebrows
        Cholinergic urticaria and drug therapies
        Unusual sunburn
        red dot
        white threadlike signs on thighs
        Small bumps on lower arm
        hives with blisters
        Welts on stomach
        Eczema and other allergic reactions
        Eliminating wrinkles ?
        Itchy in genitals
        Lumps and scaling of breasts