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        got an Emegency Pill .Its been a week now...
        had the implanon taken out january...
        13-14 days late for my period.
        feeling unwell for 4 weeks, breasts have gone up a size...
        started bleeding 2 weeks ago
        normal when coming off the injection? Or am I pregnant
         i took a test yesterday it was positive, Dr got a negative
        this month it was one day late and it only lasted 1.5 days
        missed at least 10 pills, getting symptoms of pregnancy
        on antibiotics for the past three weeks, Not Sure :(
        period was very light and kinda samon colour?
        trying to get preg for 7months, having clear wet discharge?
        Lost my virginity and now I'm scared. Could I be pregnant?
        I started having light cramps and pain is getting worse
        very moody and can't asleep at night Am I finally pregnant?
        having light bleeding and cramping
        will i get my period unless im pregnant?
        Beta HCG level was 26 in start then tests showed 1 and 0.1
        sore nipples, heavy white discharge, feeling very tired
        by the 3rd day I was not bleeding, but I am still cramping
        could I be pregnant or am I still messed up from my miscarriage
        condom didnt break but periods late
        havent seen any sign of period, just symtoms continue
        no warning signs before my period?
        feeling a little nausea and i get radom headaches
        Period change,sign of pregnancy?
        cramps and getting headaches and my gums bled?
        I can't tell if its just pms or if I still may be pregnant..
        I can't tell if its just pms or if I still may be pregnant..
        my last period wasn't heavy at all...
        i just dont know because the test said negative?
        spotting 2 days, morning nausea
        I had sex with no condom...
        Late period, always on time
        help me see if this is possible. I don't have any simptoms.
        10 days late & have sensitive nipples...
        took postinor 2 but feeling little sick and having pains
        32 days late , pregnancy symptoms, 2negative tests
        recently missed my period and having stomach and back pain
        period has never been 15 days early could I be pregnant?
        on implanon for almost 3 years could i be pregnant?
        I feel like I'm getting my period again, Am I pregnant?
        Am I pregnant
        Could this bright red spotting be a result of pregnancy?
        all the pregnancy symptoms, but it came back negative?
        i had it one day then was done?
        could i be pregnant
        spotting, First Brown, but now it's light pink...
        had period like symptoms for the past few weeks...
        a late period that was dark brownish? am i pregnant?
        took the test day after blood work and still came positive?
        had the rod implant removed - Can I be pregnant?
         i had periods , am i pregnant or not?
        can i get pregnant 2 wks before a period, then have period?
        at the end of the month i had lite spotting...
        10dpo, slight cramping and implantation bleeding??
        My back has been Acheing, My breast have felt sore/ache...
        2 weeks late and all pregnancy test are coming up neg...
        missed period and light bleeding, am I pregnant?
        spitting excessively and I feel like I'm pregnant
        breathing problem while eating and walking fast...
        stomach cramps and funny feeling in my breast
        my period is now 16 days late it is usually regular.
        got my tubes tied, possibility of me being pregnant?
        backache, vomit feeling, headache, loose motions...
        had my son 6 months ago, currently 10 days late for period?
        do still i have to worry about pregnancy or am free now?
        spotting Light pink, 3 days before my due period.
        sex problems periods
        late period that was dark brownish and only for one day?
        breasts pains are worsening and grown a bit
        doctors in the past said i was infertal. is it possible
        only have tiny cramps and little to No blood?
        at the beginning of my cycle I forget a few pills so ...
        implantation bleeding or my period or something else?
        How likely is it/would you say that my girlfriend is pregnant?
        spotting after period friends tell me i might be pregnant
        the fourth and fifth day i had very light spotting?
        doctor said go back in a few weeks as I could still come on?
        brown discharge approximately two weeks after my period
        Would you say my girlfriend is pregnant?? I'm really worried
        no sickness, no cravings, nothing crazy but...
        getting a false neg. or could I be starting early menopause?
        had sex the day I started my period and then 2 days after..
        Should I give in to the almighty negative HPT?
        could this all be me aging or could i be pregnant?
        I'm confused.. could i be pregnant?
        4 weeks late, sickness, negative test :S
        test came positve but i have no symptoms