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        Chest pain due to anxiety
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        Constantly stressed and worrying
        Multiple Stress Reactions
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        Stress Bladder Problems
        Lightheadedness and anxiety attacks
        Long term anxiety
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        Advice to fight anxiety and depression
        Suicidal, deppressed, lost in limbo
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        hiv transmission
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        Extreme Anxiety when lying down
        Dealing with feelings
        Possible Thrush?
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        PTSD possible ?
        Low blood sugar and low calcium - stress ?
        Stomach pain , headaches , weight loss
        Skin crawling when touched
        Numbness left side of head
        Panic attacks over HIV fear
        Anxiety attack ?
        Arrested development ?
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        Anxiety / heart attack ?
        Feeling slow in head
        Xanax withdrawal ?
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        lightheaded , dizzy , weak
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        Missing Heart beats
        Xanax withdrawal
        Separated from girlfriend
        Pressure in head and chest pain
        Numbness of head and neck
        Headaches , lightheadedness , upper back aches
        Depersonalization derealization ?
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        Pain in left breast
        Electric sensation in head ?
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        Muscular pain in hands due to stress ?
        Anxiety disorder treatment ?
        low iron and anxiety
        Feeling dizzy and faint
        Ritalin rebound anxiety?
        Failing driving test
        Sharp pain when breathing in
        Pathology and treatment of anxiety attacks
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        jumping awake when falling asleep
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