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    sperm transfered over to his mouth to my vagina
    he ejaculated on my stomach.
    is there possible to get pregnant? still 10 days to cycle
    stuck his penis at the top of my vagina
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    bf slept naked togethe
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     he cummed 3 times is it positive I'm pregnant?
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    Can she
    Can she
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    ejaculated into my pants and was too embarrassed
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    Sir what if v get pregnant n don't want the baby
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    Naked dry humping- any chance of pregnancy?
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    naked dry humping- chances of pregancy?
    Can you get pregnant from genital touching/no ejaculation?
    Does genital touching/ no ejaculation cause pregnancy?
    he was wet and definitely touched my vagina
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    Can you get pregnant this way? (Oral)
    Wet jeans due to cum. am i pregnant?
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    this month she didnt had her period at all
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    put my penis near her clitoris
    my friends are telling me that there is no way...
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     is she able to get prego ?
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    Confirmation about pregnacy
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    Getting Pregnant Question
    Is it possible??
    Is it possible??
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    Just curious
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    possibility That I can get pregnant, if its 'just the tip'
    put my penis in her vagina after a hand job
    My gf was near i ejaculate in my swimwear in sea can she gets pr
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     we have done oral sex
    we wiped it off really quick
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    Precum licking
    Can I get pregnant?
    i change pants n touvh myself with that finger
    he ejaculated on my stomach