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    Can dried precum get you pregnant?
    Could I get pregnant from dry humping?
    Possible pregnancy??
    Can sperm go through 2 layes of clothing?
    wiped all over my vagina not realising!
    Can a girl get pregnant from pre-ejaculate
    Potential pregnancy?
    Strange method of conceiving?
    wiped it with a tissue
    sperm drp transffered from my mouth to his mouth
    is it a definite impossibility she can get pregnant?
    whether my gf becomes pregnant hugging and kissing(lips)
    he wiped himself clean with a towel
    he wipe everything off before we even had sex he urinated .
    Can you get pregnant from pre-cum?
    Am I pregnant?
    Chances of Pregnancy from genital rubbing?
    we didnt wash are hands and im scared
    he fingered me with not sure semen on his hands is pregnancy pos
    he fingered me with not sure semen on his hands is pregnancy pos
    he fingered me with not sure semen on his hands is pregnancy pos
    Am I prego??
    rinsed myself off with some water but I'm still very scared.
    Can i get pregnat by touching myself?
    precum could have dripped to my vagina
    Dry Sex and Pregnancy
    Could I be pregnant
    Could I be pregnant
    semen from my clothing.
    by eating non veg do I not get pregnant
    Am I pregnant? he whipped it off his hands
    Is it possible to get pregnant this way??
    she claims sperm can swim up and go inside
    Fingering pregnancy?
    t also lead to mouth kissing intimently can this cause preg
    Pregnancy risk from grinding naked
    dripped onto vagina
    Feeling symptoms similar to pregnancy after being fingered.
    get pregnant if he cums on my mons pubis
    with our underwears put on
    Ejaculated on my vagina?!?
    fingered a weak ago. I've missed my period
    rubbed the tip of the penis in the outer labia
    no idea where it went, pregnant possibility?
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Am I Pregnant
    Urgent help
    a little sperm touched my opening. I am a virgin and I clean
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    humped me with his penis on my butt. Could i be pregnant?
    i had sperm on my pants
    Getting Pregnant Question
    it can be a pregnant?
    drop of sperm at my outside vagina and near my stomach
    realised a wet patch on his jogging bottoms,
    semen came out most was stopped in my pants
    Is she pregnant?
    ejaculated in boobs is d their any chance
    ejaculated in boobs is d their any chance?
    possible that she got pregnant after the things we did?
    chance that you can get pregnent becoz of precum
    Could a woman manually inseminate herself after intercourse
    No sex. No ejaculation. No genital contact.
    virgin but I've tried anal can I get pregnant or not
    Can You Get Pregnant If A Man Rubs Dried Penis On Your Vagina?
    possible to get pregnant when doing lap dance
    Baby scare and my boyfriend may be doing Coke
    can you get pregnant if you wipe fresh cum into a wet vagina
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Pregnant with clothes on?
    Pregnancy chances?
    his clothes seemed to be wet.
    Dont know if i may be pregnant? never been sexually active
     Can this cause pregnancy?
    precum on the outside of thin pants
    used the same wet towel to masturbate.
    had sex on my 4th day of period
    Can she be pregnant?
    Wet grinding
    all i did was rub
    Wet grinding
    can sperm survive water and saliva?