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    he inserted his finger. Is this likely to cause pregnancy?
    Unprotected sexual encounter (no penetration)
    could or will I be come prenant? many thanks
    being dumb and not paying attention ... Need help
    Use a Spermicide for all that pre cum and stop worrying.
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Pregnancy from fingering?
    what if I accidentally touched the wet spot ?
    Can i get pregnant from dried cum?
    Can I get pregnant if....
    washed "down there" and I could have gotten some in
    precum soaked through underwear during dry humping.
    Pregnant without sexual Intercourse
     worried that I could possibly get pregnant from this.
    We don't have sex or anything like that.
    I sat on my boyfriends lap while making out.
    i forgot to actually wash my hands. Is there any chance?
    could i get pregnant after giving a handjob and touching myself?
    can i get pregnant from giving a handjob and touching myself?
    can i get pregnant from giving a handjob and touching myself?
    Getting Pregnant Question
    the clinic said that we didn't need to worry
    suprised me how fast he finished.. and I'm worried
    My boyfriends ejaculated on my clitoris
    When are conception chances highest?
    I told her it could not happen because it wasn't cum
    Dry humping... Pregnancy?
    there was nothing on his hands. Could I be pregnant?
    he didn't have precum or didn't ejaculate days before
    sat on Precum while ovulating
    avoided penetration, Can i get accidently pregnant?
    Can You Get Pregnant If..
    worried that the pre-ejaculation has got me pregnant
    Worries about pregnancy, but she felt nothing enter her.
    Is there a chance that sperm would survive?
    girl friend swallowed there any chance of pregnancy
    it was touching my vargina
    didn't went Inside my vargina but it was touching
    Can I become pregnant
    I took the condom and then I put his cum insode me
    Can i get pregnant without actual sex?
    could his sperm gone in me..
    he got cum on my inner thigh.
    as careful as we can be. Pants are always kept on etc.
    He ejaculated on my panties directly
    possible chance that his spermicide got inside
    Can you get pregnant without intercourse?
    sperm onto my stomach and some inside my belly button
    penis wasn't in for even a second
    Obat Pelancar Haid
    boyfriend and I hugged with clothes on
    We wore under wear and shorts both of us...during dry hump
    can or will pre-cum get her pregnant?
    I had unprotected sex 7 days before my ovulation
    he was naked and I was in underwear
    boyfriend rubbed his penis around my vagina.
    any possibility semen could have transfered from my mouth
    chances of falling pregnant when no penetration or ejaculate
    it really was merely precum.
    no skin to skin or genital to genital contact.
    Is she pregnant?
    I am a virgin,can I be pregnant?
    am i pregnant
    If a guy cums a little on your pants
    we had our clothes on ...while i ejacualate in my pants...
    Am I pregnant ?
    I am worried about being pregnant. I am virgin
    after 5 min. i fingered her...
    without washing i touched my vagina
    I just rubbed it. Now her periods are 10 days late.
    can you get pregnant if a man pulls out when he cums and out it
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Can I be pregnant???
    can i pregnant having hips sex only?
    if he didnt fully enter into my vagina.
    Could I have impregnated myself ?
    Dry Humping
    Help in getting pregnant.
    Wanna get pregnant
    some got on my fingers...
    wiped sperm off with a dry cloth
    If it possible for a girl to get pregnant if...
    he put his sperm on me can i still get pregant
    any chance of getting pregnant?
    does ice frui drink after sex prevent or help pregnancy