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    Can I get pregnant from foreplay?
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    Getting Pregnant Question
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    i am a mother
    in pool i rubbed my boyfriends knob on my clit am i pregnant?
    without washing hands i ate food, stomach paining
    he said that his sweatpants wasnt wet. Is there any chance
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    his penis did come into contact with my vulva briefly
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    Pregnant through fingering ?
    while washing the water contacted her private area.
    can i get pregnant this way?
    Can Ejaculation on the top of Vagina with clothes on, Hymen stil
    Can Ejaculation on the top of Vagina with clothes on, Hymen stil
    is there any chance of getting pregnant?
    both used the bath towel to cover our body.
    did not have sex, but a penis touched my vagina.
    My wet part touched her sexual part from outside.
    he ejaculated on top of me but we both were wearing underwea
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    13 year old may be pregnant... idk if she is.
    Can she get pregnant by this?
    Im 16 yrs old. Last March, I had sex with my boyfriend. And Im a
    Im 16 yrs old. Last March, I had sex with my boyfriend. And Im a
    will she become pregnant ?
    i think he accidentally got sperm on my vagina.
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    Could I get pregnant
    Could I get pregnant
    could sperms swim or travel or even enter the vag
    could sperms swim or travel or even enter the vag
    might be his fingers were wet with his pre cum..
    penis may have exerted some fluids,
    not exaculation but Some fluids came out
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