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    Pregnant or not?
    can you get pregnant without having sex?
    he left sperm on the toilet. now my 15 yr old is pregnant?
    any chance she can get pregnant if there was no contact?
    can salive anywhere on a naked woman cause pregnancy?
    Swelling in ovaries or uterus
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    want to confirm what can cause pregnancy.
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    we only had sex for about 5-10 minutes...
    Getting Pregnant Question
    soap can kill sperm?
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    After, I made sure to wash my hands, twice. Later on...
    Diagnosed with PCOS. How soon can clomid work.
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    had sex 7 days after my period no protection...
    my bf were giving hand job to each other...
    Making him or her both of ours
    pegrancy from dry humping
    is possible that sperm could travel? test was faint positive
    rubella and cmv are in positive range
     I just want a clear, dependable answer. Thank you.
    Can I get pregnant this way?
    Can I get pregnant this way? Oral sex, making out, then oral sex
    Could my girlfriend be pregnant?
    Could I get pregnant from this?
    Am i Pregnant?! -This might be a silly question
    his area came in contact with mine...
    I read that I could be pregnant cause of precum even...
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Getting Pregnant Question
    on Folic Acid, Methi 500, Ovral _ L. but sperm come out.
    Pre ejaculate?
    Pregnant Through Shorts
    Help! need help pls
    I'M so scared that i might be pregnant please help:'(
    I am 36 yr old and planning for kids.
    does the sperm die in contact with air?
    Could my girlfriend be pregnant?
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    we want a little one, what can speed up the process?
    .it was just for few seconds he did that..
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    trying for baby seven sease tablets
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    getting pregnant in late 20's to early 30's after smoking
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    i touced many things such as the bed, my jeans, his top etc
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    Loosing virginity
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    there is absolutely no chance of pregnancy whatsoever?
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    Pregnancy Probability!!!
     is it possible at. All that I'm pregnant ?
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    will she become pregnant??please help me??
    Getting Pregnant Question
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    My girlfrn believes that free humping may lead to pregnancy
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