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    She said her period should start that day, but it hasnt.
    Do you have to cum the same time?
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    is it possible pre-cum could have entered so abruptly?
    sperm might have gotten onto her pants. pregnancy?
    TTC after 6yrs of birthcontrol.
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    my tubes tide for 10 years want have a baby
    my gf become get pregnent?
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    cousin pregnant from sitting on toilet with sperm could i...
    is there any chance dat i m pregnant
    Penis touched outside of vagina with precum, pregnancy chance?
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    during my period during the morning i got sick?
    negative from the dr, but...
    Can you get pregnant from dry hump?
    not sure if precum did or didn't get in, But if it did,?
    boyfriend inserted his finger with some sperm on it
    types of vitamins or detox that I can use after depo shot?
    Trying to conceive on Synthroid and preogestrone.
    washed with soap, sanitazer, and alcohol to make sure...
    he was wearing jeans i preganant?
    accidentally touched my underwear but I had to wear them...
    He touched his penis at a point, but touched other stuff...
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Trying to get pregnant! I'm not "tricking" him, not really.
    why doctor suggested us a tablet named Myfol ?
    help need very important ? on pregnancy
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    I went home and accidentally touched my ...
    had underwear on and my sweats and a blanket...
    he washed Pre-cum, then we talked 5-10 mins before...
    it doesnt seem to be working...
    afraid that he precummed on my stomach so...
    can I get pregnant this way?
    Dry hump Pregnancy?
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    How many days after your peroid can...
    I'm having trouble getting pregnant need a doctors help???
    trying to get pregnant
    see my OB/GYN now or wait until it's been a year?
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    sex on 4th, 5th, 6th day of the menses causes pregnancy?
    had sex four days after my period
    Dr says there are no safe medications?
    When you you get pregnant?
    Getting Pregnant Question
    Getting Pregnant Question
    unexpectedly my guy ejaculated on the inside
    Can u get pregant giving oral sex in the shower?
    trying from last 4-5 months but am not conceiving
    Is it possible for the sperm to get through our pants?
    Should I still be worried? I never had sex.
    Can sperm transfer from mouth to hand to vagina?
    What are the chancesof getting pregnant from Precum?
     washed it 2times, is there any chances of pregnancy?
    im worried because she gets tired alot, she gets cramps...
    never use protection an I really have no clue...
    scared that the little sperm on my hand might...
    While cleaning, a little sperm got onto my hand.
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    rh negative and funneled cervix?
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    If the penis was on the outside of the vagina, is it possible?
    gave birth 4 months ago Am I back to normal yet?
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    my jeans and underwear was wet...
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    The room was about 77 degrees. Is She Pregnant?
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    took me 2 years with son, will it take a long time again?
    Can spern pass through bluejeans and get me pregant?