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    prior to trying I had normal cycles?
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    after provera?
     i wiped afterwards, went pee, wiped again...?
    semen (just little) went near her vagina?
    a little went near her vagina, can she get pregnant?
    if i had chlamydia can i get pregnant?
    i had chlamydia can i get pregnant?
    my and my boyfriend were dryhumping He didnt cum but...
    He didnt cum but .i have been stressing out!
    chances are of getting pregnant with precum.
    Can I get Pregnant from my bf ?
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    spotting 3 days after fingering,potentially with semen on finger
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    how soon pregnant after ejaculation?
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    it was on his hands and mine?
    I was on my period and he did not ejaculate
    touched myself with the same hand after!
     I touched my self down there??
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    normal period in march but have not had a period since
    i and my girl frnd touched each others private parts
    chances through 4 layers of clothing?
    no protection, 2 weeks before my period. Chance?
    sex 3 weeks before my period , with no protection
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    semen could have made its way in and found the egg?
    We were having dry sex
    having dry sex a i noticed a spot on his pants.
    whats my chances of getting pregnant
    Dry sex pregnancy
    tubes tied 6 years ago i want another baby
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    i'm not getting pregnant
    40 year-old woman with retroverted uterus
    i dont want pregnancy.
    How do I conceive???
    pregnancy after the mirnea
    pregnancy after the mirnea? how long does it take?
    we didn't have sex but i'm freaking out.
    pregnancy after abortion? desperately want a baby
    Getting Pregnant Question
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    I "dryhumped"
    possible that the medicine worked quick and i am pregnant?
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    periods, ovulation and low sperm...?
    Periods, sex, ovulation and low sperm?
    I want to get pregnant again
    usually before periods i v spotting for 3 to 4 dys
    Pregnancy Delay
    pregnancy when is the best age?
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    Chances of getting pregnant??
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    he just bought his organ near mine
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    sex with my boyfriend without a condom.
     if the male did not ejaculate at all ?
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    i am afraid of because of precum.
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