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        workplace environment and neurological diseases
        small foci of low atenuation at junction of parietal and frontal
        is this neurological?
        my head is injured and i'm suffering many attacks
        Left eyelid droop and left arm and leg pain.....?
        Going for MRI scan and to see a neurologist I'm so scared
        MRI scan neurologist fears
        random tingling and numbness
        random tingling and numbness four months....
        my handwriting has deteriorated What is the reason?
        numbess and weakness, Raynuads and migraines...
        white spots in the brain
        short term memory loss?
        Has anyone heard of Ripples Disease?
        Tight feeling in forehead, twinges in head
        twitching that has never gone away.
        middle finger and thumb and other little parts twitching.
        Dizziness for more than 24 now
        facial and body twitiching
        Vagus Nerve attacks
        eye jerking, flashing lights
        Things sound and move too fast after high fever?
        trigemenal neuralgia and mouth numbness
        trigemenal neuralgia and mouth numbness
        frequent blackouts
        Nocturnal seizures and driving
        half of her face feels numb and tingly?
        HIE Grade-2
        tingling in both arms and legs since aug.
        Blood circulation around brains in 'upside down' sleep.
        colloid cyst on third ventricle
        falling asleep for 15+ hours, and have sharp, quick, pains
        clicking in head, some burning in my shoulder too?
        Flat , painful lump on head
        Flat, sore, nonmoving lump on head
        Effects of Epilim
        Incoordination, memory loss, double vision, slurred speech
        Subarachnoid Hemorrhage treatment- somebody pls help
        Limbic Encephalitis?
        Limbic Encephalitis
        Green drink causing neurological symptoms?
        Fluid build up in brain (UNDIAGNOSED)
        NF 2
        Head Injury
        having jerky movements and got really warm.
        a searing, radiating pain, Neurological or cardiac?
        neuro disease, fits...
        Possible causes for peripheral neuropathy flare-up?
        hand swelling help
        swollen hands, malformtion
        brain mri
        Blacking out without fainting...
        What is wrong with my face?
        Pins and Needles All Over--Guillain Barre?
        my face is paralyzed On the right side for a week?
        dizziness, weakening, loss of vision, hearing?
        dizzyness loss of hearing vision problems
        dizzyness loss of hearing vision problems
        Reaction with similar effects as Botox?
        gamma knife or radio frequency surgery??
        serotonin syndrome what can help recovery?
        serotonin syndrome...
        recently suffered serotonin syndrome.
        twitching,popping, numbing in left leg
        contracture of hand with red hot face headaches
        Can this be neurologic problems?
        Fluctuating temperature readings!
        dizzy, frequent headaches, possible chiari malformation?
        Extreme hip pain being referred from spine?
        Tingly numb feelings on face
        Whole body numbness
        tighness in legs and toes and twitching in arms and legs?
        tighness in legs and toes and twitching in arms and legs
        Ageusia (Inability to taste) and full body numbness
        Unilateral Palate Paralysis - Cancer?!
        quick diagnosis
        problem with diagnosis
        Head Noises
        pounding heart, nose bleed, ringing in my ears...
        Worried, dad has a lump on his head and headaches?
        loud neck noise
        Smell burning cronic memory loss and feel fogged.burning head !?
        seizures? my body was stiff, I was breathing funny...
        neurotic angio edema
        Pains like being pricked with needles
        Drop Foot, Neuropathy in Right Leg from Knee Down No Trauma
        Drop Foot, Neuropathy in Right Leg from Knee Down - No Trauma
        tingling numbness in extremities, myoclonus while dozing off