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        guys plzz help freakn out here!!
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        My daugther right arm are paralys the nerves are all torn off
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        hand num
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        lumbar and cervical spine.
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        if i go for the op whats is the risks
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        almost constant chest pain, and ocasional popping noise
        My right shoulder,arm, and hand........please help
        Muscle & Nerve Damage
        Muscle & Nerve Cervical & Lumbar Spine damage
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        Lump top of leg/groin lymph area
        hamstring strain
        Peripheral Neuropathy
        twitching stomach
        Are these really Essential Tremors?
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        pins and needles in head, hands and feet
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        Can anone help with ?
        Can anone help with this? Stiffness weakness
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        Jumping nerve in right hand, between thumb and pointer finger.
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        Arms and Hands
        muscles pain
        i have severe muscle spasms and umbness in arms and legs
        My toes started overlapping each other and..
        Dizziness & Muscle Weak
        Dizziness & Muscle Weakness
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