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    Am I being abused or am I crazy?
    Guilt, disgust, helplessness, fear for the future
    Sex with cousin
    Having issues with living with my parents as an adult
    he's threatened to kill me with a knife, Bad parenting?
    Bad parenting?
    Don't know how to stop my brother from constantly teasing me
    My partner's family ...
    My Mother does not accept who I am
    my ex back
    My Sister and Mom do not get along
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    My son can't stand me.
    Needing Mom Help
    my family is taking control of my life
    to know whether my hormones are or
    Is my mom emotionally abusive?
    My dad lost his job and he's 61, I'm so stressed
    Aunty called me ugly
    !!! Help !!! Newbie family Problems. From "Kumbaya" to
    !!! Help !!! Newbie family Problems. From "Kumbaya" to
    I'm scared to get married because of this
    Controlling parents.
    mum moving boyfriend in too soon!
    Is this abuse?
    How to cope with mood swings of mom going through menopause?
    trying to figure out weather to have a child with him or not
    I hate my family and my life (long post, sorry)
    Dad problem
    mother hate sons girlfriend
    Serious dysfunctional family issues, controlling, alcoholic etc.
    understanding differences clinical depression or charachter
    Internet Addiction, or anti-social anxiety?
    Brother making life miserable for me
    Betrayal from my father has been causing depression.
    Moms threatening to kick me out ?
    Help for my daughter!
    Help for my daughter!
    Controlling Grandma
    his sister was straddling him slapping his butt grabbing...
    He's calling and visiting his secret son, it's getting worse
    I am worried about the counter effect on my sexual overacts%u202
    how should I deal with my crazy mother
    Family relationship, love life, teenage issues
    Boyfriend's parents are being difficult
    Depressed and feeling guilty
    spoiling and misbehaving
    mum can't pay my sch fees but I'm depressed with auntie
    Babysitting Services
    Grandparent visitation decisions
    My mother hates me
    I hate my dad's girlfriend, now he hates me
    Sister in Law won't let brother know when she is coming to town
    I want to develop who i am. Is my mother too involved?
    My 18 year old daughter living with her abusive boyfriend
    Join the rest of the family for the holidays or not?
    already 18, and I can't even get along with my own family.
    Strained relationship with mum.
    How to persuade my family to accept my dating outside my race?
    Abusive father - first time telling my story
    My Mother does not Approve of my Girlfriend
    Conservative Catholic parents against me moving in w/ boyfriend
    frightened of my mother's reaction
    Feel special with charming flowers and assorted mixed dry fruits
    Strained relationship with older sister
    Should my daughter be exposed to a jail to visit her mom?
    Vashikaran to attract girls - Visit t
    Is mama just drama? Or has she got other issues?
    Help with in-laws, starting to get irritated
    Does anyone want to talk?
    Frustrated with disappointing live-in child-grandchildren
    My Dad's new relationship
    feel guilty but, I don't want my Mom in the delivery room!
    There are times spouse doesn't talk to me, for up to a month
    I think my brother hates me because my husband died
    Mental Abuse From My Dad
    I Hate my Family because my family hates me
    mental abuse from mom
    Parents overbearing. wanting to just go away.
    My Adopted 13 year old Son Won't Connect with Me
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    Harmonize the rhythm of life with Valentine blooms
    Elder Sisters Out Of Control
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