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    Step parent giving siblings stress
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    is this child neglect
    Cousin Deliberately Causing Arguments
    I've lost confidence to speak to mum. advice?
    My Mother Puts Me On Edge (& I no longer know why)
    My mother and me.
    family problems, please give advice!
    family problems, please give advice!,.
    Is it my mother? Or is it me?
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    Is it me or my mom?
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    I hate my parents because they hated me
    I hate my parents because they hated me first
    Becoming an adult with an emotionally abusive mother
    Daughter in abusive relationship cut ties with me. Dying inside
    Daughter in abusive relationship cut ties with me. Dying inside
    Daughter in abusive relationship cut ties with me. Dying inside
    Can't Feel Love For My Mom Anymore & She Used To Be My BFF?
    A relative wants to stay with us.
    How do I deal with this never-ending anxioty?
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    no need
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    I despise my father.
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    can i trust my mother ?
    cant talk to parents and dont know why. really need help.
    i hate my dad because he controls every aspect of my life
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    My sister's meeting my best friend behind my back now!
    cold hearted father?
    My baby's father takes his parent's side over me
    Friend's split personality - one face to me - one to my sister!
    I hate my dad so much
    My teen age son despises me....
    daughter and i have been estranged for over a year.
    Family friend has immature attitude to life and communications
    difficult to deinvolve a qualified family member
    very difficult to deinvolve a qualified family member
    i hate my boyfriends mom
    Arguing with your child?
    Parent Divorce and How bout My Future?
    my sister,my brother are in fraudulent marriage
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    Why did they? was it for money and convienience????
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