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    in constant pain which turns into sheer agony!
    in sheer agony and feeling constantly full, heavy...
    Episiotomy Stitches
    Pregnancy while breast feeding.
    weird cramping/pain where i think my badder/uterus is
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    No period after 9 months of not breastfeeding... help
    Post Baby: is it safe to use Birth Control?
    spotting followed by period.
    my son is 7months old and i havent got a period never breast fed
    daughter was born July and still don't have a period.
    pain after problem with placenta 8 weeks later?
    pain after problem with placenta
    vaginal pain/pressure
    bad stomich pain at the bottom left hand side, after 6 wks
    baby 1 year ago and i still havent started my period?
    menstruation after child birth
    Numbess, cold sensation, tingling, pressure.. all in my head
    little milk in my breasts, haven't had a period in 3 1/2 mo
    wondering when my period will return
    brown discharge for three days increasing and clots
    sore and itchy vagina after i had a baby 10 weeks ago?
    depressed and angry....postpartum 7 months
    bleeding has stopped but i have a white discharge?
    Periods - how long after the initial bleeding stops?
    period didnt start after 11 month of child birth
    c-section 7wks ago, last week started bleeding heavy
    Im scared I have a prolapse...
    Problemactic stretch marks?
    Horrible pain & bleeding after having a baby
    why is this yellow?
    c-section- infection in the wound 4 month since
    Anyone had an episiotomy revision?
    breastfed 6 mos; now i have discharge with odor
    Volunteers needed for research on postnatal depression
    sex one week after the delivery?
    have a 3 month old baby, at all possible to get pregnant?
    how long does bleeding take for a c-section patient?
    brown discharge after giving birth's bleeding stop
    Air embolism during c-section, 6 weeks later ok to have sex?
    what are symptoms of diabeties post delevery?
    irregular periods after weaning from breastfeeding?
    just had my first child. and finding it hard to go
    pain in my stomach during sex had a baby by c-sec 2mnths ago
    period has stopped for 11 months since baby. Why?
    3rd baby 6 weeks ago, and have a mucusy discharge?
    any way to loosen the pull of c-section scar?
    first my periods were normal then after birth....
    spotting before period. gyneic said there is no problem?
    when I try to eat bad thoughts pop into my mind...
    Unable to sleep after child birth... now
    Cramps, but no period while breastfeeding?
    not experiencing menstruation after C-section 8 mos ago
    tingling. feeling in back after c section
    had stiches inside my vagina but they are completely out.
    Too nervous to take my baby out
    not having back menstruation after giving birth
    three periods and then it stopped after a c-section?
    had a baby a month and a half ago, I had cramps today
    Hormone problem?
    hormone problem?
    gave birth 4 months ago and since I'm having irregularity?
    stitch uncured: became wound with discharge and bad odor
    sever abdominal cramping had a baby, 4months ago
    Ipill, 6 mos old baby, didn't get my periods yet.
    after having a baby I discharge more?
    baby in Oct. was breastfeeding, have not gotten my period
    3 month postpartum pain
    4 mos postpartum it looked like I lost a mucus plug
    just had a baby and only had 1 period
    continuous "period" since I had my last son 6 months ago.
    can it take several months for my periods to return
    baby is 1 mos. 20 days old, Mom has weight loss problem
    Areolas larger and then smaller during the day
    first period after giving birth almost three months ago
    wondering when i should expect my menstral...
    Bleeding 3 Mo Post C Section
    could this be postpartum depression
    Could i be pregnant?!
    pregnancy this soon after delivery while nursing?
    delivered normally but much pain in stitches.
    Pregnancy after a stillborn, want to try again...soon
    time considered safe for conceiving after a cesarean
    Where does the baby go if it dies?
    i had a baby 9 months ago and haven't menstruated?
    had my first child in feb. and period is extremely irregular
    is that normal ?
    sex 5 weeks after baby, still have stitches and bleeding
    hadson 2 months ago, breastfeeding, havent gotten my period
    first period after giving birth, Im bleeding very heavy and.