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        I am very confused!
        I am lonely and depressed
        Need help
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        i can give my kids a better life some where else.
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        23 and still single
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        19 year old, never had girlfriend, never kissed
        17, single, and way too desperate
        never had girlfriend
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        I want Advice!
        Being excluded
        movin' on??
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        Not the End of the World
        21 year old virgin.
        Very Depressed and single
        why do women lie
        Lonely and depressed.
        21 and have done NOTHING with a girl
        17, single, and depressed
        I was dumped by e-mail and feel very depressed
        Alone & Fearful
        22 year old man, no sex for 2.5 years
        is it me?
        Pushing 30, alone and bitter
        Need advice on meeting girls/getting a date
        20 and never had a boyfriend
        Always alone, always single, always depressed
        I want a boy friend but im ugly
        Would I still be considered desirable/attractive to men?
        Cant Get A Girl
        Single and struggling at 36!
        Never kissed a girl. EVER.
        Im sick of been a loner
        Im so worried
        Single and not very happy about it!