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Health/Dental Insurance information "DESPERATELY" need

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I am in DESPERATE need of health insurance. I am unable to work until I can "get fixed" put it nicely. My husband is on VA disability and I do not qualify for any benefits from them. My children are covered by the state and we were told that we are above the income threshold for me to receive Medicaid. I do not understand how this state expects a family of 5 to live on less than $536.00 per month. That is what is keeping me from qualifying. Because our income is $936.00 TOTAL per month I do not qualify for Medicaid....ujst my 3 children. Although I am extremely grateful that my children have health insurance (in which we have to pay a $15.00 monthly premium)I cannot understand how I do NOT qualify....How can I properly take care of them when I am sick. Don't get me wrong, I pretend to be OK for their sake and am able to take care of them but, what if my conditions worsen? I am trying to avoid that entirely....I just want to be able to get the medical attention I need so I can get well and feel like myself again. This entire issue is causing me to become more depressed to where on some days all I do is lay on the couch or in my bed and cry....My Husband is trying to get SSI & will soon be at a %100 disability rate from the VA. If anyone has information that can help me get health/dental insurance I would very greatlt appreciate your sharing with me.... All I want is to become the healthy, happy, crazy fun Mama that my kids. family and friends used to know. She is inside screaming to come out....God bless you all!
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