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Healing Autoimmune diseases (Sarcoidosis) naturally

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My husband Jack was dx with Sarcoidosis in 2004. His lymph nodes under his chin started swelling. After 3 years, 3 specialists, MRI, cat scans, endoscopies, biopsies & prednisone in very high doses his lymph nodes in his neck & mediastinum continued to swell.

Last visit to his ear, nose & throat Dr. left him with little hope. He was told that his lymph nodes under his chin had become fibrocystic & would only go away if removed with a very risky surgery that the plastic surgeon did not feel comfortable performing.

Anyway, Jack decided (without Dr. advice) to wean himself off prednisone after that because he had been taking it for 3 years with no results. Well, he did gain 55lbs. & feel anxious all the time.

Jack then went to naturopaths, acupuncturists, did Chinese herbal remedies & none seemed to work. After 1 year he was still 50 lbs over weight & his lymph nodes were exactly the same size, he was tired, sore, aching, etc. etc.

Then he started taking 2 natural anti-inflammatories & immune boosters - Fucoidan (FuCoyDon) & Resveratrol (Eternity). It took about 6 months and the group of lymph nodes the size of a baseball under his chin were back to normal.

We now have 100's of clients having the same "miraculous" results with diseases like psoriasis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, asthma & more. Simply put, when our bodies are given proper nutrition they can and do heal without medication.
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First Helper PhoenixFlames

replied January 29th, 2011
Does Jack still continue to/ned to take the Fucoydan and Eternity to keep his lympnodes/sarcoidosis under control (not swollen)? Since the swelling has gone down to normal have they swelled up again if he ceased taking Fucoydan and Eternity?
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replied February 22nd, 2011
I couldn't agree more about natural medication! I am so glad to hear that those products worked for your husband. That sounds like a horrible time that he had to go through (you too having to see him suffer through that), and I am SO happy to hear that you both have found an answer. I have been through anxiety issues my whole life, stomach problems, and more, and went to doctors for many years. All of them prescribed medications that did not help. That is because medications are synthetic and all they are doing is masking the problem. Not until I started going to natural doctors was it that I was helped. Putting anything natural into our bodies is bound to help us, that is the way our bodies are meant to be. I am sorry the naturopaths did not help you (it took me years to find a good one), but most do have some good advice to offer. Mainly doing the research yourself though is your best bet. I do have a natural doctor that I would be happy to recommend to you if he is still having problems with this issue. This is probably one of the best naturopaths in the world, he has helped me greatly and found cures for things doctors and websites claim that there is "no cure" for. =) The best of luck to you both!
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replied April 21st, 2011
Glad to hear Jack has seen some very positive and rewarding results thats great news, I too have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis it was found when i had a motorbike accident and got pneumonia from laying flat waiting for my operation.

Also bone fat from the shattered leg bone got into my lungs so i was on oxygen for days and anyway the scans showed up the Sarcoid.

Its now starting to show alot more symptons and im having alot more testing for it with seeing specialists, they cant put me on steroids as i have a shattered right thigh from the accident which after 9 months is still not healing either and im now told they need to operate on my leg as there is a non-union of the bone.

I wish i could heal better and the bone would grow back together as soon i will be unable to walk again once they operate.

Im worried the sarcoid will get worse and i really am against medications they have caused me nothing but problems in the past with lots of side effects, if there is a natural way im all for it and totally willing to give it a try to help and see if there can be some positive results.
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replied September 20th, 2015
Active User, very eHealthy
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replied June 20th, 2018
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