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Hi, my names Devon as seen on my display name. I was recently in a car accident where I had my first metatarsal and toe cut completely off. Theres now a hole in the metatarsal which brings me to my first question. Are they going to have to rebreak it? Its a fairly large hole. I also broke my lower fibula by the ankle which they put a small rod in I was relatively drugged up on dilaudid oxycontin and gabepentin so I dont know what any of the rods are for specifically which brings me to my second question will they be able to remove that rod eventually? Yet I also broke my upper tibula which they put a rod on from top to bottom but there was a bone fragment that they seemingly half as put back which brings me to my third question will that effect my body and how long will it take to heal? I can send pictures to someone if necessary and further more will they be able to remove that rod? And would the hole in my metatarsal prevent me from walking on that foot properly they also put a pin in my second toe I dont know what thats for. I am 18 former varsity football wrestling and lacrosse and extremely healthy. Also will I be able to ever play again. I had several scholarships I would love to get back.
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