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I've been getting constant headaches for about 2 years now and i've seen various doctors and have had various tests run/treatments but all to no avail. Last month my dentist said i had TMJ which would explain my headaches however i would have thought with TMJ i would be getting jaw pain and difficulty eating? I have not experienced this. Also, accompanying my headaches is usually nausea, dizziness, generally feeling of fatigue, and i find it hard to balance sometimes. My headaches appear dull and tight, usually around my eyes and forehead, as well as the back of my head and neck being tender. It is so bad that i cannot sleep as my head is consumed with pressure and i have to keep tossing and turning to get into a good enough position where the pain is minimal but it rarely happens. I'm wearing a nightguard on my bottom teeth as prescribed by my dentist however i am seeing no improvement and i'm thinking the headaches have another underlying cause?
Please help me, i am only 17 and i feel like the last two years have been robbed from me, the extra stress is making me ill and my appearance is gaunt and my digestive system is up the creak.

thank you.
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replied June 15th, 2010
Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. I've seen various doctors off and on for 2 years. I've had MRI and everything is normal. I've done the dentist thing as well, they told me I had TMJ which I have a biteguard as well now. I have worked at a computer desk for 12 years now, I have almost come to the realization that the problem is related to the muscles in my upper back and neck. They have become weak and are 'trained' to be a certain way. I have done my neck stretching religiously now for about a week at the recommendation of a specialist. Hopefully I start seeing some results. About once a month I do have an attack which feels like a really bad tension headache - I hesitate to call it a migraine I guess.
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