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I'm not even sure where I should post this because I have more than just a headache bothering me. I've always gotten bad headaches and migraines my whole life, but it's been hurting a lot more recently. About a week or so ago I started getting stomach pains and nausea and dry heaves. Around the same time my back had started hurting a lot and I found it really difficult to walk around and do my job for 8 hours a day, the back pain I have been experiencing seems to be getting worse and today I felt it up in my neck and and upper back and as the day progressed I had a pounding headache and I found it really hard to focus and I would get little dizzy spells along with it. Any sort of movement would hurt and my brain felt like it was just rattling around in my head whenever I did move. I tried avoiding taking any tylenol or advil since I had been having stomach problems, but when i got home from work i gave in took 2 tylenol and had a nap. When i woke up my migraine was mostly gone but my neck was still really stiff. I have been up for 4 hours now since my nap and my migraine is starting up again. I cant take any more medicine because I got stomach pains after taking some earlier. I really am not sure what to do at this point. I'm not sure if my stomach issues and headache issues are related or are two separate problems. But if i to remedy my headache my stomach hurts and if i don't take medicine for my head my stomach will feel fine but my head will be in horrible pain.

I would really appreciate some feedback and help if anyone has ever had these same issues.
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replied August 3rd, 2013
Thanks for sharing your issue. I know what your going thru, the pain is unbearable sometimes. I'm also looking for answers.
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