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Headaches,Muscle twitches, Numbness, speech trouble

Hello, my name is Patrick Owers.

For the past 2 and a half months I have been having the worst health complaints I've ever had in my life. It started out as chest pains, so bad to the point that they were stopping me from breathing and making me sweat buckets. went to the doctors and a cardiologist, and I had ECG's, Blood Tests, and a chest X-ray, all came back fine.

Even though that was pretty bad, It was something I could cope with, I had all my mental functions intact, I am generally a smart, witty guy who's very sociable and easy to get on with, and very well spoken.

However a few weeks later, I started having terrible headaches and eye twitches, went to about 5 doctors, all saying I'm fine after about 6 neurological examinations.

As the weeks progressed, I started noticing stuttering in my speech, my muscle twitches spread to every part of my body that had a muscle. these were fasciculations at the time, twitches only visible on part of the skin.' I started getting pricking sensations in my hands and feet, and my leg started to feel stiff and hurt alot. went back to the doctors, referred me to a neurologist, just to be safe.

The neurologist looked me over and did an examination to test my nerve strength. all seemed fine, and he sent me for a CT scan just to be safe.

Had the scan and it came back clear. however, I was told an MRI would be better for the diagnosis of any masses in my brain as CT's without contrast are highly inaccurate.

My symptoms got alot worse, now whole limbs were jerking on their own. Headaches started to get sharper and more intense. muscles were twitching constantly. I have trouble reading long sentences and paragraphs and pronouncing words, and I will replace words with similarly spelt words or completely different words that won't make sense. I felt incredibly dizzy. and I was falling all over the place when I walked.

So I finally flipped and got an MRI done privately. (which was just the Wednesday a week ago) and I got the results of that and that came back clear.

But now, I'm stumped, these symptoms are obviously caused by something neurological in nature, and doctors are convinced that its anxiety. I've had bouts of anxiety before but I've had nothing like this. It's interfering with every aspect of my life and doesn't go away with any kind of medication or antidepressant, I've been on citalopram, amitriptyline, Mirtazapine. and all of these had no effect on my symptoms.

To this date my symptoms are as follows:-
Headaches, sharp and around the temple area, but can sometimes cover the back of my head.
Sharp pains in the neck.
Muscle twitches and jerks, can have times where they get worse and excessive to times where they are only a few every hour or so.
Numbness in my foot and hands, sometimes pain in thumbs and toes.
Cold sensations in my hands, lips, ears, feet, chest and forehead.
A hot burning sensation in the top of my head.
Facial muscles twitch whenever I use them. like when I grimace, my face will have a twitching fit.
Feeling sick in the mornings.
Ears ringing (lasts for a few seconds but can also be accompanied by complete loss of hearing in that ear for a few seconds.
Visual disturbances (such as halos in vision, stripes in vision. uncoordinated eye movements, blurred patches in vision, like the blurred vision you get identical to getting something in your eye, is relieved by rubbing the eye. but happens in both eyes.)
One side of my body will twitch and tingle. usually happens in my sleep, but gives me such a fright.

Can all of these symptoms really be health anxiety, like all the doctors have said? It's affecting my speech, my understanding of words and word processing skills. to the point where I can't interact with people out of embarrassment. with this pattern of symptoms, I would've thought the conclusion would be a neurological deficit, but according to the neurologist and 20 doctors, apparently not.

I have uni in three weeks and in this mental condition, it will almost certainly affect my grades.and my future. so I need to know what's happening as this isn't something that's going to go away overnight.

Any similar experiences or knowledge of nervous system disorders you could share please? I'm in tatters right now.
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First Helper EmmaLou33

replied November 22nd, 2012
I have never posted on one of these but read it and thought it sounds very similar to the year I have. I have been told that it is an over production of stress hormone however this does not mean you feel anxious or stressed but your body has too much hormone and your nervous system is reacting to it, The other thing I have had is a pulling pain in my tongue and down my digestive tract. I did however have severe muscle twitches and jerks and electrical pulses everywhere. I see an excellent neurologist who has put me on propranolol. I built up to 50mg 3 times a day, anything above this I hallucinated. This has really helped control the twitching. Maybe try that.
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replied March 31st, 2015
same issues
omg, I have the same thing and dr have no clue. My bp is up and my pulse is over 100 a lot. Extremely hard to speak, usually I just give up, 'cuz the words don't want to come out. And when typing, my hands (arms) will just go flying off the keyboard, which makes a mess when you are writing code and your hands have a mind of their own. I also have the twitching in my legs and trunk ~ I've fallen twice now. I also don't want to go out in public as I just feel like an idiot not being able to speak and the arms and legs doing whatever they want. Due to the high pulse my doc put me on Propranolo. I was only taking it when my pulse was high, as of today I started taking it when my systolic is high ~ found that my speech was better as was the muscle spasm. Supposed to go to another neuro 4/20 (specialist) but after reading what you've gone thru, thinking it will be a useless trip (40min 1 way) just to find out everything is ok. Pls keep me posted if you make any advances on diagnoses. I think it is heart related, give that the propranolo seems to prevent the issues
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replied March 23rd, 2016
My mom is having identical symptoms to yours for months now. Everyday they get worse and everyday something new happens. She is now a fraction of her old self and not able to live her normal life.

We are desperate for help and answers. We've been to 4 doctors, done multiple MRIS and CT Scans and Lumbar punctures but everything comes back normal. Doctors keep telling u nothing I wrong and her symptoms are because of stress. My mother lives the least stressful of anyone I know.

Did you ever get a diagnosis? Did anyone else have the same symptoms and got answer. My mother is only 57 and in 3 months she has withered away.

Thanks for your help.
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