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Headaches/ Migranes, Memory Problems

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Dear Doctor,
I'm fourteen years old and ever since I was a little kid I've had memory problems. Not little glitches of forgetfullness but serious stuff- I forget everything- names, what I did yesterday, things that happened six months ago, things that happened years ago. It's like I see something, but just can't recall any of it.
Along with this, I've had migranes, which get steadily worse as years go on. They're pretty bad and sometimes I can't talk or think clearly because of them.
I was wondering if there could be any medical problems with these. There have been people with bad memory in my family, but never as bad as mine, and never any migranes. My friends are starting to notice, and my grades are suffering, partially because of this reason.
If there's no medical problem, what can I do to try to stop this?
Note: Never had a high fever or anything traumatizing, and no head injuries- nothing abnormal that would make my memory worse or start migranes.
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