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Headaches , dizziness , white vision

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Hi, For a month or so now i have been getting a lot of headaches behind the eyes and in the temples and sometimes at the back of the head. Along with this, i tend to get very dizzy and when standing up my vision tends to go blurred or even everything goes white and i find it very hard to balance when this happens. It comes to a point where i feel i'm going to pass out.

The headaches can even kick in any time of the day. I even tend to wake up and find my head is throbbing.
I am Male, 21. I excercise regulary and stay well hydrated so i dont think that would be the problem

Can anyone help please.

Thank You
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replied February 4th, 2009
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Headache that is pressing or tightening like having a band around the head, mild-to-moderate in severity, and located on both sides of headache, is known as tension type of headache,
Occasionally, dizziness and eyes sensitivity to light can accompanied this pain.
It will be good to check your blood for red blood cells count (lack of these cells, or, anemia can give symptoms like daily headache, dizziness, sense of passing out)

Best wishes!
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replied October 22nd, 2009
I get that too. the dizziness and white vision. I am not able to see anything for a few seconds when the problem with the vison happens. I don't know what it is. I also get headaches on my left side of my head..
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replied October 13th, 2012
I get that too, but everything goes white & I hear crackling (white noise gets very loud)....
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