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Headaches, dizziness...anxiety?

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I am 24, in fairly good health with no major problems thus far. In August, I had a bout of anxiety that lasted about a week of nonstop symptoms 24/7 (nervous, scared, etc.). The symptoms have slowly gotten better with minor setbacks here and there, about a month ago I started having dull aches in the back of my head and after a few weeks of that I went to the doctor. The doctor checked me out and said that it was probably due to stress, anxiety and possibly my posture. He gave me ibprofen and sent me home, they did end up going away and I was fine until maybe the beginning of November. When I started getting headaches almost every day, I also felt slightly disoriented and felt as if I was favoring my left side (side of my head that gets the headaches). The headaches are never the same either, they are sometimes dull and not so painful, other times it feels like pressure on the left side of my temple and those are the ones that bother me more. Now headaches have never been uncommon for me, I started getting them back in high school as well as migraines from time to time. The headaches have somewhat calmed down but the feeling of being "off" is still there, I've noticed that when I'm out and doing things or going to school...I don't notice the aymptoms as much, it's only when I am home and I guess dwell on them that they are worse. I haven't had any vision problems or balance issues but of course the worrier in me fears brain tumor and it's the thought that I can't shake. I know the only way to rid the thoughts are to get a CT scan or MRI, however I do not have insurance...I go to a clinic and that place is just impossible especially getting tests done.

I would appreciate any thoughts on whether my symptoms are anxiety related or something more serious. Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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