My mother is a young, 81 year-old suffering from headaches concentrated behind her eyes for the past 20 years. Eye-burning and blurred vision are also associated. In recent months, headaches have intensified to the point where she is practically bedridden.

Mother has undergone a CT-Scan and MRI, as well as thorough eye testing. All findings negative. Neurologist suggested short-term steroids as possible treatment; but she refused due to side-effects, which he understood.

Her only medication is Aciphex 20 mgs./day for acid reflux. For years, she has had a fluctuating B/P, but recently it's ranging from 130-170/65-80, and I think the higher ranges are do to the pain and stress of the headaches, which make her feel "sick", light-headed (at times) and now her face is flushing (new symptom). Yet, on the rare occasions when she is not in as much pain (she never has no pain), all symptoms subside.

Can someone offer some help to my mom? Thank you so much.
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replied May 7th, 2008
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I am wondering if perhaps the headaches are a result of the hypertension ( high blood pressure) as opposed to the headaches causing the high blood pressure? Even small elevations in blood pressure can result in headaches for some people. The flushing that you mention is a symptom of high blood pressure.

The only way to determine a correlation with the 2 conditions is to check bp without a headache. Check it again with a headache. Log these results for about a week. If they are related you will see the trend. The doctor can treat high blood pressure. It is entirely possible that your mom has had slightly high blood pressure for years and it went undetected.

I hope this helps. I believe her blood pressures merit watching.
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