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Headaches and seizures

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I was five when I started getting extreme headaches. for part of that year I remember nothing but vomiting sleeping, complaining of a bad headache and going to school. the problem seemed to disappear until second grade. When second grade came along I started passing out easily due to heat or over all exhaustion. they said I would twitch a little and every time afterward I would wake up with an extreme headache and wanted to do nothing but sleep. It once again went away by the time I was in 6th grade. I started noticing the problem coming back in high school. I always seemed tired. At times I tried explaining to my mom that at times I had to jump up and down to keep my self from passing out. ( made me breath harder and remain consious) I at times also have a twitch on the right side of my body. I often told/tell people it's a cold chill but I'm not cold and at times it really hurts. About three years ago I had a worse passing out spell in which I seized. afterward I lose control of my bowels and vomited followed by several days of sleep. I then noticed I had trouble handling stress and developing more headaches again. a year later it happend to me again. The worst one was last year where my husband said I passed out and seized (or so it seemed) my whole body tightened up and I moaned a little but I was totally unconsious. When I came to My right side of the body wouldn't stop twitching. I went to the ER that night followed by a neurologist appointment and a few tests. they concluded I had a(n) anxiety disorder they said there was a small spot noticed in a scan but said it was nothing. they put me on 100mg of topamax and sent me on my way. I felt really disappointed. although I know I have trouble with anxiety I feel that it isn't bad enough to have these episodes. My last episode was last night in my sleep. I don't remember anything but waking up and losing all control of my bowels. My whole body was cramping, I had an extreme headache and I was really hot. every time after I pass out the same symptoms occur. I now have headaches two or three times a week but don't tell anybody except my husband who thinks I should be checked out again. I don't want to look like I'm blowing something out of proportion but I also don't know what else to do. I also have trouble sleeping and always seem tired.. I don't want to do much of anything after I get home from work and because of feeling this way I'm missing a lot of work as well. I'm not sure what it could be but please let me know if you know anything. I would love to feel better and actually want to do things again other than sleep
not sure if it relevant or not but I also stutter have been since I was around five and was also put in SLD by 1st grade but tested out of it by 5th (barely) because I couldn't stand it. I have trouble remembering numbers and directions as well.
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replied November 24th, 2009
You need a Neuro work up and need to be checked for Chiari Malformation. It is a birth deect, and often fiaxble with surgery. Do not wait another day. Just found this post and praying you check this site.

Take yourself to the E.R. if necessary and feign a headache to get them moving - or wiat a little while and let your family doctor schedule a Neuro appt. for you. These things you describe are not normal and it is time to get them checked out. NOW.

Take care, and please do this soon!
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