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Headaches and difficulty concentrating

About last december, I started getting very frequent headaches, which got worse. I ignored the symptoms thinking that they were related to a poor diet or lack of sleep or anxiety.
However now, my symptoms have slightly changed and I'm sicker than I thought I was.
Everyday, no matter how much sleep I get, whether I have a cup of coffee, I feel tired, sleepy and find it very hard to concentrate on my studies. I also get the feeling you get if you haven't slept all night or slept for an hour or so..and feel slightly dizzy.
I have intense pressure in my head sometimes and feel like I have a bruise in my brain. Its a similar feeling to pressing on a bruise on your skin, however this is in my brain. All I really feel like doing is resting, and have a hard time reading, studying etc.
I have seen a doctor, however they don't know whats wrong with me even after a physical and blood work.
I was tested for anemia, hypothyroidism, vitamin b12 and k deficieny and diabetes..all results came back negative.
The symptoms are only getting worse. What could I possibly have?
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replied October 8th, 2010
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Have been suffering the same symptoms for years, and the causation factor of most of these symtpoms are the same as sick building syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and radio/wireless sickness.

Your symptoms are caused by a sensitivity to:

electro magnetic radiation, such as through cell phones, DECT phones, and Wi Fi computer systems.

electro magnetic forces, such as electrical equipment and power lines.

EMR radiation is proliferating the airways and is causing many of these undiagnosable illnesses that are referred to as syndromes.

The power side is referred to as dirty power, and causes many of the undiagnosable illnesses in most home.

As you get older, they call it OLD AGE.

There is much on the internet on radio, wireless, microwave, radiation sickness, and the dangers of most electronic equipments.

Take care
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