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Headache with nausea and fatigue

I have had this headache, it feels like a ballon , in any direction i move my head its a weird type of headache.
Along with that I have nausea feeling, and feel tired
and some times forgetful
I have been told this is chronis sinusitus since I had this headache everyday for a year, and my nose its always runny and I just feel like i ahve the flu overall

The Doc said this is because I had a deviated septum, which i had my whole life and never has caused me any problems until Aug 2008.............Then after getting several cat scan and mri, nothing shows wrong but one thing, he said the deviated septum and air flow thru my sinus is what causing it

So i had a septoplasty in Feb 2009 and Now its going to be May....

I do feel better than I use to feel, less nausea and the headache is still there but its not completly gone
I just been living with this everyday
I dont know what to do

My head was hurting so bad that even consulted with a doctor to get some medical marijuana,

I have smoked that and it make my head feel so much better

All the other drugs the doc has given me from narcotic such as darvocit or, vicodin dont work,
and even antibiotics I have taken dont do anything

Any suggestions or anything similar to anyone else?
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replied April 29th, 2009
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Chronic fatigue and Sinusitis
SUFFERINGGIRL, Please read my reply to Lorelle for the question titled "Chronic fatigue and Sinusitis" in Sinusitis Forum. That might somewhat help you.
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