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Headache numbness and dizziness

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My wife has been experiencing some scary symptoms over the last few days. She has been experiencing increased numbness in her left leg, numbness in her left arm, chest pain, dizziness, severe headache, and almost blacking out. I say almost blacking out because she describes everything going black and being unsteady or even falling but not losing consciousness. I mentioned increased numbness in her left leg because she has back problems that required fusion of the L5 S1 vertebrae. It took 2 surgeries to correct that but led to severe sciatic pain and another surgery to attempt to reduce the pressure believed to be caused by scar tissue. She is almost 1.5 years out from those surgeries and still lives with daily pain. She wears a Fentanyl path 75mcg, and takes Opana for breakthrough pain. She has been at her current dosages for several months.

Her current complaints started with increased pain and numbness in her left leg. Her pain management doctor prescribed Keppra to help with that on Monday. On Tuesday, she had an appointment with her bariatric doctor (She is 1 year post op from a Gastric Bypass) and the doctor noted a click when listening to her heart. Her PCP did an EKG which was not remarkable on Wednesday and ordered a doppler study to diagnose a possible mitral valve prolapse which was performed on Thursday. Late Thursday she began to experience the other symptoms with the exception of the numbness in her left arm. Also on Thursday, treatment with Keppra was discontinued as a precaution that this was causing the other symptoms. On Friday when the numbness in her left arm began, she was taken to the emergency room. Another unremarkable EKG was taken and they treated her for dehydration with 2 liters of saline. Symptoms resolved but returned the next morning. The doppler study indicated a mild mitral valve deficiency, but her PCP still reports that it sounds like prolapse.
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