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headache in temple and blurred vision

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i have had this pain in my right temple for 10 days now and its got worse each day to the point where its keeping me awake at night, and painrelief such as paracetamol and paramax isnt helping. i also have blurred vision when looking at things at a distance (i have been to the opticians, they say my eye sight is perfect!)
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replied July 24th, 2009
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A headache that is new or different in character than previous headaches, often experienced as dull, constant headache localized at the temple area and is typically sudden in onset, may be a major symptoms of temporal arteritis, or condition when there is an inflammation of the temporal artery.
It usually begins with "flu-like" symptoms, including a mild fever, general body discomfort, and temple headache.
You may find your scalp being tender and sensitive on touch, when resting the head on a pillow, combing hair, or wearing hats and eyeglasses.
As the disease progresses, you may start experiencing visual problems like blurred vision and temporary blindness, lasting for ten minutes or less.
Being a woman and with age over the 50, puts you at risk for having this condition.
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