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Headache During Math...

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Whenever I try to study math/homework, I almost always get a huge headache after 2-3 hours

I am unable to think/understand anything I read during this time, and is forced to take a 30min-1hour break just to relieve this stress...

Is this normal? I see/hear some people studying for 6+ hours straight without any impairments whatsoever.

When I took my SAT in highschool, it happened again at the last 2 hours of the exam... It was soo bad that in the reading comprehension section, I couldn't "read" anything... needless to say, i did horrid on SAT (the last 2 hours)
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replied September 17th, 2013
Headaches after algebra
I have the same problem. Every week I have two algebra classes and I'm going through my migraine medicine quickly! I don't have health insurance so it's really bothering me!
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