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headache due to bad tooth?

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Ive had fairly constant headaches now for about 4 months. I've tried several prescribed tension headaches medicines since I am a barber and my neck and shoulders seem tight and achy a lot. None of this has helped significantly though. I have had a wisdom tooth that partially crumbled about a year ago. I have yet to have it checked out or removed because there is no pain in my mouth from it.( I know, I know I have an appointment) Is it possible for this bad tooth to be causing headaches without causing any pain directly around the tooth?
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replied October 2nd, 2009
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what about tooth sensitivity? what you have described is EXACTLY what i have had but have been able to treat it with nutrition to eliminate all pain, & yes i believe your headaches are from the same thing as i was experiencing everything including the neck & shoulders.
They are all symptoms of deficiency or in balance of nutrients, you need to increase greatly the source of plant based calcium (ie coral calcium or dark green leafy vegies there are areas where you can go to learn this & if you want send me a private message via this site & i will show you how to resaerch this for your self.
You also need to suppliment this wit magnesium, the best way to start research on nutrient balance is to go to this will teach you how nutrients interact. believe it or not getting this right will relieve you of any symptoms & there is a good possibility of regeneration of the tooth as i have noticed for myself.
it is important to study all your nutrient inbalance as it will assure better health & rejuvination from with in!
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