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Headache as HIV symptom ?

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Four months ago, I had unproteced sex with a gay male who I met on the internet. We engaged in oral sex and rubbed our penises together. I put the tip of my penis on his, therefore, I'm pretty sure our fulids got exchanged... was this a high risk? Some people have been saying that HIV virus dies instantly when it's exposed to air...

Also, I am not sure who to believe for oral sex. Some say that it's a low risk, others say that it's a high risk. And a few say that it's no risk. Is oral sex a possible way of contracting HIV?

I have been having swollen lymph nodes under my jaws and lumps on the sides of my neck. I am super worried that these are from HIV (I've never experienced this before). And I get burning sensations around the lump on my neck as well. Also, I've been experiencing a bad headache for the past week and a half. Does this indicate that I'm HIV positive? Is headache a symptopm of HIV?

Thank you so much for your help!
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replied August 27th, 2009
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Get tested...there is no other way to tell if you are HIV +

Oral sex and what you describe are low risk but its low risk,not no risk...get tested to be sure you are OK
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