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Headache and nausea + fatigue

I have had this weird headache for one year, It all started when I got the flu
and ever since then I haven't been my self.....

Some days I would wake up with random soar throats, some day I had fevers...
and on some days i would get these weird hot flashes and most worst of all
this weird headache thats in my head everyday

Anyway after meeting several times with my doctor
she ran several lab test she saw everything was fine
but possible inflamation somewhere in my body

She then sent me for CT scan of brain and sinuses....
she did not find anything in brain, but in sinuses they found siniustus due to deviated septum

( I never had any problems with my nose before this)

Anyway she ref, me an ENT doc , and I had septoplasty done....
to help with my nose , and the sinusitus

2 months later...I still feel sick this headache i have will not go away
nausea is a lil better, and my head does feel like there is maybe 1 to 2 percent imporvement but its till there, and i know im not fully healed

I don tknow what is wrong with me
Im always tired, feel nauseated and with this weird headache

Im normally a very healthy person, and i dont know how i got this out of no where

Any suggestions?
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replied May 29th, 2009
i have same thing and i am going to the dr today to find an answer...will get back
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replied July 9th, 2009
That sounds like what I have as well! I got a cold 4 months ago and the sinus part just kept going...occasionally i have a little cough but i am really run down - I feel like I'm fighting something and just can't kick it. It comes back every so often if I don't get lots of sleep or when I try and exercise. I'm so exhausted and it's in my head, making me lightheaded, dizzy, giving me eye strain and making it hard to think. I've been to 4 doctors and they just gave me antibiotics but should be at an ENT this week. I will keep you posted.
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