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Headache and ears feeling blocked

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Last Tue I felt very unwell. I had a slight dizzy spell, (I have vertigo, at least that is the name I have given it), But this has gone on a long time and is different from other episodes.
It felt like a wave in my head going from the front of my head and ending up in my ears, specifically my right ear. The pain and noise was awful,ans when I lay down it sounds like a michine gun in my hhead, my ears are popping, and got worse instead of better. It lasted for 4 hours, them subsided a bit, but for 2 days stayed. I went to the doctors he said my ears are clear, gve me a thorough check. But it is still here wth my ear feeling as if there is something in there like cotton wool, and my balance is still off. It woke me up at 4.30 this morning. I am now taking flu plus with decongestants hoping to cleat it along with olbas oil, in the hope something can help. I can feel a little lump in my ear when i press on the outside by the thing sticking out, then it moves. it makes me feel sick. Has anyone experienced this sort of thing. I have had all tests years ago in the hospital and they can find nothing, but I am not imagining it. Has anyone experienced this. It is very unsettling
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replied November 5th, 2009
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Hey cinders, if its affecting your balance you should seek help again, they may have missed something and there is not allot of space for the brain and the sinus. May be elevating your head my help, but see and ENT asap wanda
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