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head trauma

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about six months ago I hit the top of my head on the corner of a shed. I developed a bump that never went away. I went to a dermatolagist who cut it a said it was deeper and sent me to a plastic surgeon. I haven't gone yet but does anyone have any suggestion on if it can be removed. Its not a cyst so I think it may be like a calcium buildup.
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replied February 12th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

If it is an exostosis (bump of bone), it is possible to take it off. However, most surgeons will recommend that they be left alone, if they are not bothering you or in a conspicuous spot.

It would entail reflection the soft tissue off the bone, then using a chisel and hammer, the bone is carefully knocked off (just like a bump on a log). The soft tissue is replaced over the area and closed. So, you trade a scar for the bump.

But, yes, it is possible to remove exostoses.

Good luck.
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