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Head pressure dizziness clogged ears sore neck

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For the past four months i have lost my mother in law i have moved to a different atate without my family. I havent felt good since i have lost my mother in law. I have had consistent pressure in my head and also my face at time. my arms and hands will ache at times and they will get really waek at time. sometimes my face will feel like there is alot of pressuer..My body will get very heavy at times. my jaw and face will ache at times i also grind my teeth when i am sleeping and i clench my jaw alot. i get body aches stuffy nose sore throat dizziness clogged ears especially in the morning time. I am really concerned about the pressure and weird feelings in my head/ I worry that i am going to have a stroke or brain annerysoum. It really really scares me. I also get really weird feelings at time in my head that feel like i am almost
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replied March 29th, 2011
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