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Head pain/binign intercranial hypertension what to do now?

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When i was 18 i had pressure behind my eyes and had alot of headaches. After seeing and otometrist etc. i got referred to a Neurologist. I was diagnosed with Benign intracranial hypertension. I had 3 spinal taps to relieve the pressure, none worked. I had a lumbar peritoneal shunt put in. this was mid 2007. this fixed the hypertension. About 2-3 years after the operation i started getting headaches/migranes daily. my GP gave me Mersyndol forte i have been taking about 80 tablets a month for about 12 months now. Over this time period i had also put on about 20 kg. I have been back to the neurologist he said i get migranes because of the change in pressure in my brain. He has given me botox it didnt help, i have had a DHE treatment which worked for about 3 months, i didnt have pain daily i only had 3 bad migraines that required mersyndol forte. I have now lost 15kgs so im close to the weight i was when the shunt was put in.
my pain isnt as bad now since i lost the weight. but it is still there and some days i can ignore it but others it gets to me and i just want it to go away so i take the mersyndol. it changes sometimes it is sharp and throbbing other times it is just pressure behind my eyes, nose and teeth it makes my head ache.
i dont know where to go from here, do i go back and get another DHE?
is there something else wrong with me?
i worry alot that i am becoming addicted to the mersyndol forte i dont want this.
can anyone offer any advice or talk to me if they have been through something similar im only 23 and i dont want to be this way for the rest of my life.
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