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Head of penis wrinkled and cracked

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For as long as I can remember the head of my penis looks cracked or wrinkled all the way down to the rim and then everything else is smooth and looks normal. I just got tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea and both tests came up negative. The doctor also also looked at my penis for warts and herpes and said that everything looked good. I just don't like how wrinkled the head of my penis looks, there are also tiny tiny dots around the rip of my penis. I have a serious gf and want to make sure everything is ok before we take it to the next step. To be honest I just do not like the way the head of my penis looks, it is so wrinkled. When coming out of the shower it looks a little better until I dry off, in the morning it looks the most wrinkled. It does not hurt to pee or ejaculate. Wondering if you had any ideas, thanks for ANY help.
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replied January 7th, 2013
if ur D head is wrinkley
put shampoo in bag put D in the bag tie bag leave for about 3 hours but make sure bag isnt too tight, and lastly D will start to flake off overtime and new skin will appear now thank jesus for finding this oh yeah perrel works the best
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