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head is tender to touch

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so i'm not sure if this is really a headache adn migraine thing but anyways. I'm 14 and my head always feels tender in so many places when i touch it. now it feels like it has spread to the back of my head and i think it's been going on for a week. its only wear my part in my hair is, right back side and on the top of my head feels like a soft spot and that hurts sometimes too.
this is really bothering me and i have no idea what it is!
and these tender feelings always turn into headaches once i feel them!
please help me figure out my confusion
thanks Smile
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replied May 19th, 2010
could someone please give me some insight i also feel quite "out of it" and have a cough and am just not feeling my self i know have some sort of ear thign and i'm wondering if this is all a sinus infection because i do suffer a bit from allergies and my nose is stuffy
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replied May 20th, 2010
i also have a hard lump infront/above my left ear and not on my right?
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