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head injury to my left temple

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about two weeks ago i tripped over and head butted a tree, as a result to this i ended up with a really painful bump next to my left temple. after a couple of days a yellow bruise came up around the lump, now it feels as though there could be a tiny bump still because there is a different between my left side and my right side. since i hit my head i have been getting really painful sharp headaches around the area that was hit. they make me feel dizzy and blur my vision occasionally. sometimes black splurges come up in my vision and i feel very tired all the time.should i go to a doctor or be worried ?
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replied June 15th, 2010
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Hi sineadheaney and welcome to ehealth: Any injury that makes you feel dizzy plus have blurred vision, should be checked out...I am not sure about you, but this would concern me...Take care...

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replied January 14th, 2013
be safe, not sorry, see a doctor
a torn vein causes bleeding between the dura and the brain. After being hit in the head, a person who is suffering from an epidural or subdural hematoma may not experience immediate symptoms. But if an artery or vein has been torn, blood will gradually gather in an area where there is very little space, putting more and more pressure on the brain.
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