Hi all , i recently had a unhinged wooden door strike me in the head , i am 50 years of age, i do not remember my action of pulling the door handle but i do recall everything that happened before and after. Within 5 minutes of lying on the bed i was able to recover myself and walk downstairs, i was not unconscious.

I experienced a headache and brief dis-orientation , there was no visible sign of trauma but there was pain that gradually went away over the hour. I took paracetemol that helped ease the pain

I feel completely fine now (the next day) , just a slight pain when pressure is applied to the area where it happened (the front-left side of my head)

My family are urging me to seek medical attention but i feel it is not necessary as i feel much better , is there any credence to their concerns?

Is there any significant chance this event could affect me later? what is the window period before i can be sure im ok?

Thank you in advance
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replied July 7th, 2010
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Hi autumnleaves,

Go to your doctor and have your head xrayed to rule out a concussion. Sometiems a problem occur father down the road and you need a record of it should something do occur.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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