about three years ago,( I was 10 at the time) I was playing in the playground,(tag). Suddenly, I wake up on the floor infront of a wall. I guessed I tripped or something and must have hit my head on the wall with lots of speed. I woke up and found every1 staring at me. I guess I wasout for a minute or so. I woke up with this really bad pain/pressure(more pain than pressure) on the upper part of my head. I guess that's where I got hit) I started groaning, people thought I was crying. I didn't even have the energy to cry, that would have given me even more pain! 10 seconds later, I got up and started walking with no problem with a slight headache. Following the accident, I had this weird sensation in my head that went on for months. So, my question is that should I have gone to the docotr at that time? Just curious. Will there be any consequences because I didn't go to the doctor?
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replied October 30th, 2008
Well, it is possible that you experienced a concussion. Usually, a person has the most memory loss immediately after getting hurt...but you mentioned no memory loss as a result of the impact. Bleeding into or around the brain can occur with any blow to the head, whether or not unconsciousness occurs. If someone has received a blow to the head, they should be watched closely for signs of possible brain damage. A neurological examination may show abnormalities. Tests that may be performed include:

* Head CT
* MRI of the head

You might want to follow up with a neurologist to be sure that nothing is wrong. IT might ease your mind!

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