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I am 25 year old man, non smoker, daily (evening) drinker 3-5 drink avg, 6'0 190lbs, regular doctor visit, avg BP 125/75 have seen it higher, and lower. Low activity level but have been working out more frequently as of late. Known medical problems are herniated disk at c5-6, and bludging in t1-2 and L4-5, anxiety, acid reflux. Medications Hydrocodone 7.5/500 (2-3x daily), Xanax .5 (usually only half a day as needed for anxiety), Omeprazole 20mg 1 a day, multivitamin, b12 complex, calcium w/ vitamin D.

I have been experiencing headaches for quite sometime, mostly localized, sharp pain, but usually in the same few spots but it can be at many different spots in my head. Some of the headaches can be so bad they cause me to panic, head goes numb, and I looked in the mirror and my pupils seem to be going nuts going from large to small with no reason. Went to the E.R. had CT scan and blood work done. They said it was normal and sent me home. 2 weeks later my GP called me and said they had found 2 mm mass on left parietal lobe and I would need an MRI done. 2 days later I had an MRI done, half way through had to stop because of anxiety, but they let me relax and finished it up. So they felt they had a complete scan and said it all came out normal and they found no mass or bleeding etc and sent me to a neurologist. He did a few basic tests I've had other neuros do for my neck and he prescribed depakote for migranes. But as I'm on enough liver effecting meds as it is I didn't take it.

I still have daily headaches ranging from mild to severe, but I'm wondering should I take all the doctors diagnosis and move on with my life or does it seem like I should get more opinions/have more tests? Besides the headaches I had a lot of bad daily stomach pains in various areas, chest pain etc. Could I just be riddled with anxiety? I'm a rational person who tries to tell myself it's all in my head, but a little reassurance never hurts. But if there's really something there I want to know, I have a 2 year old I'd like to be around for.

Help me towards getting my normal life back please.
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replied March 9th, 2014
My friend has been having the same problem...
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