Please help I'm so worried. I have one swollen tonsil which does not hurt. Sometimes my throat feels like it's completely closed off because of this. I have pain all down one side of my face, neck and going into my shoulder. The pain is very severe but is not present all the time. I have had some dental work done recently, including a filling in a wisdom tooth and a tooth extraction due to there being an absess underneath the tooth, which was also removed. Could I have cancer? I have an appointment with a specialist but it's notfor another 2 weeks and I'm worried sick. Many thanks.

Also, just to add, I have had 4 different courses of antibiotics for my tonsil but nothing has made any difference. I have had the problems for about 2 months now.
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replied July 30th, 2011
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The chances of this being cancer are very, very remote. The tonsil is just doing what it is supposed to do.

The tonsils are made up of lymphatic tissue and the purpose of the tonsils is to pick up bacteria and other infectious material, before it can enter the body through the GI tract. The fact that you had an abscess in the region, is cause for it to be swollen. There is a significant amount of bacteria and cellular debris in an abscess.

Antibiotics do not effectively treat all infections. Though they are miracle drugs, they are not panaceas. Sometimes, tonsils can become chronically infected and they may require surgical removal. Though antibiotics has decreased the number of tonsilectomies done now days, they are still necessary in some cases.

It sounds like you have a continued infection after your abscess was treated. The specialist should be able to determine if the tonsil can still be treated medically, or if its removal will be required.

Good luck, hope you feel better very soon.
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