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he was wearing an underwear...

Hey all,

I recently had "dry sex" with my boyfriend, meaning he was wearing an underwear and I was naked. It lasted approximatly 35-50 sec however he did not ejaculate. He may had abit of precum but he was wearing an underwear as I mentioned before. Can I get pregnant from this? My period is 5 days late, however I have had the usual symptoms before a my usual period(such as swelling of breasts, PMS, and clear discharge. Im wondering if it is delayed due to stress? Plus I have not been sleeping well, due to a busy schedule. Is this affecting it in anyway?

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replied August 23rd, 2011
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being stressed can postpone your period or even make you skip it. It's possible to get pregnant from pre-cum but it's rare I'd say it's probably your stress and not sleeping that's causing you to be late.
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