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He treats me like crap. But I love him.

I've been with this guys for around 16 months. Everything was great in the beginning. He loved me unconditionally and was obsessed with me. Whenever I needed him he was always there until I cheated last December when I went back home. I took his love for granted. It was a mistake. A bad mistake and I do regret it. I confessed to him about what happened and was sorry. He forgave me. Things were fine until one day he read my old Facebook messages to that guy. Since March nothing hasn't been going right though I keep assuring myself that everything's gonna be fine.
He also cheated on me just to get things even. But he just made out with the girl and I slept with another man. I'm genuinely guilty and have been 100% loyal to him after that. I've been trying to do everything that he loves and I'm not talking to people that have caused mishaps in our relationship. But for the past one or two months he's been treating me worse. Ignoring me, not talking to me, giving more importance to things that don't matter. We use to talk every night for hours and its been weeks since I haven't spoken to him. And last week when I met him, he totally ignored me. He's been abusing me, not just privately but in front of his friends too. My friends tell me to break up and move on. But it's really hard 'cos I still love the person he was back then and I still am holding to those fragments. How do I break up with him? How do I let go of those moments we had together? I feel it'll be really easy for him to move on since he doesn't love me anymore BUT what about me? I still do love him. More than ever. I just can't imagine my life without him.
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replied November 10th, 2011
It sound good that you love him.
If I were you talk to him and explain him you feeling.
Be honest to yourself and him. If he still don't understand you and does love any more then it is best to move on. Life is too short and can't live unhappy.
Asked him what does he expect from you and why is he treating like now.
All the best
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