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he tells me I'm being crazy, and refuses to comfort me

My husband gets so upset over everything. I always tell him to calm down, and it's okay. That just makes him more mad! Tonight I was venting about how upset I was that my family never calls. I get I may have been emotional, and he told me that I do have him. I got over it, but later tried to call my grandma. I got no response, and it made me more upset. By this time he got beyond upset. I understand where he is coming from, but I just want him to comfort me. Instead he storms out of the room, and I wait a bit before I go after him. He just tells me I am being crazy, and refuses to comfort me. I explain myself, and he starts mocking me. He mockily tried to hug me, but I pushed away. It just hurt so much that he was not taking my feelings seriously. He's done this so many times before, and it makes me so bitter. He's stormed off, he's left in his car, and even pushed me before. He says that I have him, and that he loves me. But I can't believe him. Does anybody have this issue? What should I do?
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